Online Teaching

Supercharge your school.

Fusion unites every aspect of your existing school. Deliver real-time teaching and learning, with built-in assessment and communications. Save money, save time and fortify the modern needs of your school.

Real-time online teaching

Teach your classes online with our MLTV tool, a fully-functioning classroom allowing online video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, chat and screen-sharing.

Set and assess work in a few clicks

Set and mark work for students using our powerful assessment tools. We also offer detailed reporting tools allowing you to clearly see students progress in school.

Keep parents connected

Parent communication is a key aspect of school life and Fusion makes keeping your parents in the loop even easier. You can allow your parents to check on their students progress at any time through the built-in parents portal. 

Content integration

Fusion comes with a content library allowing you to connect your existing content providers to the platform. This allows you to have one click access to your catalogue of providers making access to 3rd-party content even easier for students and staff. Over 100+ providers are available through the content library. 

Microsoft ADFS Compatible

Our single-sign-on service can connect to your existing ADFS environment with ease.

MIS Synchronised

We can import your users and groups directly  from your MIS’ such as SIMS, iSAMS and more.

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