Why Fusion?

Fusion is an online portal for your entire school community. Always there, and ready to learn.

Primary & Higher Education

Fusion is a VLE/LMS which connects your students, staff and parents together under a single platform.

Everything in one place

Fusion can integrate with popular services like Office, Google, YouTube and Flickr with support for 80+ content services.

Microsoft ADFS Compatible

Our single-sign-on service can connect to your existing ADFS environment with ease.

MIS Synchronised

We can import your users and groups directly  fromMIS’ such as SIMS, iSAMS and more.

Fusion  can be used in any of 100+ languages.

Each user has the ability to select their own language.




You can even operate in two languages at the same time. No other platform offers this.

Dual language support? Yes!

Our development team are working daily to ensure we provide a huge gateway to educational content, working with providers to create Single-Sign-On access.

Take a closer look at the power of Fusion