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Feature rich

A practical learning focused approach ensures that everything we do reflects the evolving and often challenging demands of today’s dynamic schools. In a cycle of continuous improvement we listen to what you have to say and together we build future Fusion. More than just a learning platform. Your whole school community, online.

Advanced Reporting

Detailed reporting and statistics for learning, grading and user activity.


Advertise events and news on your system for Parents, Teachers and Students.


Free Apps from Google/Apple for Parents, Teachers and Students.


Record attendance for all students within the school.


Daily backups with recovery for 4 weeks


Create blogs for classes or the entire school.

Booking System

** Coming soon ** - Manage after-school clubs, events and activities with our online booking system.


Personal and school calendars keep students, teachers and parents connected to events.

Censorship Filter

Built-in bad word logging, auditing, prevention and reporting service. Operates in any language.

Chat Spaces

Teachers can operate and share instant, moderated chat rooms on any device.

Cloud Drives

Access Dropbox, One Drive and Google Drive files on any device.

Comms Centre

Communicate with your parents using instant push notifications.


Full Video/Audio conferencing with shared whiteboards, chat and document editing.

Content Library

Access 3rd party content, tools and services.


SCORM / QTI online Course Creator with full user tracking and reports.

Create DOCX

Create Microsoft Word DOCX files without needing an Office 365 licence.

Dashboard Designer

Allows the Administrators and Teachers to design custom dashboards for classes/students.

Data Feed

Connect to your MIS for detailed individual or class based data dashboards

Data Import

Upload CSV/XLS to create users/groups, add manually or connect to iSAMS/SIMS


Keep and update personal learning diaries.

Digital Signage

Broadcast media/information to screens around your organisation.


Allow parents to take part in audited and logged discussions directly with teachers.

File Manager

Drag and drop uploads, supporting over 160 file formats. Access your files on any device.

File Server

Connect and browse to your organisations internal server, allowing seamless access.

Forms / Quiz

Create and share forms and quizzes with full tracking.


Detailed and threaded forum tools allow rich media sharing and collaboration.

Full Branding

Our team builds a custom theme for you.

Group Analytics

High-level statistics analysis provides overviews for individual or groups of schools

Group Login

Use animals and colours to allow groups of users to login without a password


Create, share and mark homework for students. Full feedback supported.


Access Fusion on any device in over 100 languages.


Teachers can send reports and files directly to student lockers for parents.


Login manually or using your Google or Facebook account

MIS Connect

Connect to your MIS to access Timetables, Attendance, Behaviour, Reports, Classes and Users. We integrate with SIMS, iSAMS & Engage.


Manage mailgroups for internal messaging


The built-in markbook allows you to grade and generate reports on students work.

Media Search

Directly import pictures/videos from Youtube, Flickr and Pixabay. Filtered and protected.


Internal messaging allows teachers and students to communicate easily on the platform, without email.

Mood Meter

Allow users to share their mood and profile message

Office 365

Connect to Office 365 products and services with integrated dashboards

Online Learning Portfolio

Allow students to keep copies of all their work, learning journals and their personal website.

Onsite Training

Book on-site training for your school, delivered by ex-teachers and fully qualified staff.

Parent Portal

Homework, reports, discussions and more shared with parents on any device. Parent accounts are entirely free!

Password Policies

Set and manage your own password complexity policy


Fully integrated plagiarism document checking service

Recycle Bins

Any deleted items are kept for 30 days before being removed

School Spaces

Create and share dedicated areas for the entire school (Newsletters, Forms etc)

Single Sign-on

Single Sign On with ADFS, Google, Facebook, NTLM or QRCODE directly.

Site Search

Search for any content, in any document/area quickly and easily.

Social Profile

A safe, protected area to allow students to create personal profiles.

Sound Memos

Directly record sound/voice into the platform and attach to any file.

Student Workbooks

The workbook collates students work to mark, grade, re-grade and leave feedback.


Online video library, WIKI knowledge hub with email and ticket based support. Includes live chat support.

Switch User

Easily switch between different users as Admin or Delegate

Task List Manager

Quickly create structured tasks for users to complete.

Terminology Changer

Change words or phrases across the entire system to match your organisations terminology.


Personalised themes, designs and settings for all ages and abilities. Over 40 themes to choose from.

User Directory

Search the built-in user directory to access others shared profiles/sites and work.

Web Bookmarks

Create personal or shared website bookmarks to access on any device.

Website Builder

Create personal, group and school websites.

Website Publishing

Publish an internal site resource to the web with any FTP space

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